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Scientific Degrees 

  • Doctor of History («Egypt and Nubia», the Institute for Oriental Studies RAS, 1995) 
  • Candidate of History («The Egyptians in Nubia», the IOS RAS, 1978) 

Employment history 

1999 to present — Director of the Centre for Egyptological Studies, RAS 
1992–1999 — Head of the Department of Egyptology of the IOS RAS 
1974–1992 — Research fellow of the IOS RAS, RAS 


- Director of the RIEC Archaeological Mission at Memphis;
- Director of the RIEC Archaeological Survey and Conservation of the TT 23
- Director of the Russian Underwater Archaeological Mission to Alexandria;
- Director of the RIEC Mission to Deir el-Banat (Fayoum);
- Co-director the Russian-Dutch Archaeological Expedition at Tell Ibrahim Awad;
- Co-director of the Russian-German Mission to the Royal Cache TT 320 (Luxor);
- Co-director of «Fine Conservation of Al-Mo'allaqa Church» project;
- Head of the project «Databank of Eastern-European Egyptology» on the territory of the former USSR, Eastern Europe and A.R. Egypt;
- Editor of the series «The Sacred Word of the East». 

Honors and membership 

- Member of the International Association of Egyptologists;
- Member of the Egypt Exploration Society;
- Member of the European Association of Archaeologists;
- Member of the Russian Geographic Society;
- Academician of the Russian Academy of Surviving


Author of more than 90 articles on history and culture of Ancient Egypt, including 

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