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Scientific Degrees 

Candidate of History (IOS RAS, 1988). Thesis title: 'Egypt and the Kushanian Kingdom: Trade and Cultural Contacts'.


- Member of the CESRAS Archaeological Mission at Memphis;
- Member of the Russian-Dutch Archaeological Expedition at Tell Ibrahim Awad;
- Member of the project «Databank of Eastern-European Egyptology»;
- Editor of the series «The Sacred Word of the East».

Honors and membership 

- Member of the International Association of Egyptologists;
- Member of the European Association of Archaeologists.


Author of more than 50 publications on history and culture of Ancient Egypt, including 
  • Egypt and the Kushanian Kingdom. Moscow, 1999, 192 p.
  • Egyptian Gods in Kushanian Kingdom? // Atti del VI Congresso Internazionale di Egittologia. Vol. II. Torino, 1993. P. 479-484.
  • Le voyage de Norov en Egypte // Egypte. Afrique et Orient. 1996. № 2. P. 25-29. 
  • The Birth of the Eye of Horus: Towards the Symbolism of the Eye in the Predynastic Egypt // Eyre C.J. (ed.) Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Egyptologysts. Cambridge, 3-9 September 1995. Leuven, 1998. P. 1061-1065.
  • The Excavations at the Site of Tell Ibrahim Awad: Pot-Stands in the Ritual Practice of Ancient Egypt. // Maravelia A.-A. (ed.) Ancient Egypt and Antique Europe: Two Parts of the Mediterranean World. Oxford, 2002. P. 9-14. 
  • Seven Baboons in One Boat: the Interpretation of Iconography in the Context of the Cult Belonging to the Temple at Tell Ibrahim Awad. // Hawass Z. (ed.) Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century. Proceedings of the 8th International Congress of Egyptologists. Cairo, 2000. Vol. 2. Cairo, 2003. P. 504-508.
  • Russians in the Land of Pyramids. Travellers, Schollars, Collectors. Moscow, 2003 (in co-authorship with G.A. Belova) 
  • Egypt and the Great Silk Road // Maravelia A.-A. (ed.) Europe, Hellas and Egypt: Complementary antipodes during Late Antiquity. Papers from Session IV.3, held at the European Association of Archaeologists 8th Annual Meeting in Thessaloniki 2002. Oxford, 2004. P. 89-92. 
  • Birth of the Eye of Horus. Egypt on Her Way to the Early State. Moscow, 2004. 370 p.
  • Egypt on its Way to an Early State: The Nile Delta and the Valley // Maravelia, A.-A. (ed.): Modern Trends in European Egyptology: Papers from a Session, held at the European Association of Archaeologists 9th Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg 2003, BAR International Series 1448. Oxford, 2005. P. 1-4.